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Quantum Morpher // V-Commander

The Quantum Morpher was housed inside the Quantum Control Box, separated from the Q-Rex and lost in time as well. Archeologists dig it up in the present day and during the fight between Brickneck and the Rangers to get it, Eric grabs it and hides it, later returning to use it, gaining the Quantum Morpher and the powers of the Quantum Ranger. The morpher is voice-locked, only accepting orders from Eric's voice, unless he deactivates it.

When the V-Rex was lost in time, it became separated from the Controller Box, housing the V-Commander. When the box is unearthed in the present day, Naoto uses it to gain the V-Commander and the powers of TimeFire.

Quantum Defender // DV Defender

The blaster and main weapon of the Quantum Ranger, it usually is in its Blaster Mode, but can transform into Sword Mode for close-combat. It also has a Freeze Mode, used to refreeze and recapture the escaped mutants.

While normally in its Vulcan Mode, the blaster called DV Magnum, it has two other forms as well.
Defender Mode is when it changes into a sword called Defender Sword.
Final Mode is performed when in Vulcan Mode, an energy blade appears from the front end and it performs the DV Re-Freezer attack to recapture the mutant prisoners.

Mega Battle Armor //

After taking back his morpher and with the Q-Rex back under his command, Eric receives a transmission from the Mysterious Man in the future (who sends the Time Shadow), with intructions for the Mega Battle Armor. The new powers are sent through the crystal on the Q-Rex Megazord Mode's chest, and consists of a visor, torso armor, skates/rollerblades, and wings which can detach into twin blasters. Now able to fly, Eric can also produce a large energy blade with enough power to freeze the giant mutants.

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